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My name is Leon Berenschot.

This is my personal website w/ some ramblings and insights I’m encountering while building a SaaS product called Memoriam.tv

The design is sparse b/c I’m a backender but there will be progress!

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tip: Less chatty health_check logging in development

In our application we’ve got a healtcheck endpoint.

TIL: `npx npkill` to clean up your node_modules on your harddrive

Your harddisk is filled w/ node_modules all over the place… Let’s clean it up...

StandardRB VS-code plugin

Big fan of StandardRB over here, even though I don’t agree w/ all the rules b...

Send your users an activation mail

Airplay Reciever hijacks port 5000 and 7000

Since macOS Monterey the airplay listener hijacks port 5000 and 7000

Strange businessmodel from Google

An official “By Google” chrome plugin to block Google Analytics 🤔

Designer approved prototype font

As approved by some designer friends:

Designing Smart Websites

Simple effective design!

The Citadel is the place where monoliths and microservices feel home

A post from the controversial DHH but this rings a bell: Become a Citadel!

Death Star Thinking

Interesting thougths on why government projects are so complicated

Added Giscus commenting to the blog

Now you can comment on blog posts w/ Giscus:

DIP: use .env variables in your dip.yml configuration

As stated in my post Keeping histories in dip provision:

Keep (bash/irb/psql) histories when running `dip provision`

I’m a big fan of dip, the Docker Interaction Program.


“You can find us anywhere you get your podcasts.”

TIL: ActiveRecord#becomes

With ActiveRecord#becomes any model can become a different class instantly.

TIL: Heredocs pretty print strings

Some text editors understand heredoc and pretty print the string depending on...

TIL: Get rid of anonymous eval calls

While reviewing the changelog of Psych I stumbled upon a commit: “Get rid of ...

TIL: Git update-refs

ICYM: This allows you to update a stack of branches in one go.

TIL: http://strftime.net/

A nice tool for constructing your time formatting.

TIL: cleanup temp files in shell commands w/ `trap`

Be a good boyscout and clean up after yourself!

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