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My name is Leon Berenschot.

This is my personal website w/ some ramblings and insights I’m encountering while building a SaaS product called Memoriam.tv

The design is sparse b/c I’m a backender but there will be progress!

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DIP: use .env variables in your dip.yml configuration

As stated in my post Keeping histories in dip provision:

Keep (bash/irb/psql) histories when running `dip provision`

I’m a big fan of dip, the Docker Interaction Program.


“You can find us anywhere you get your podcasts.”

TIL: ActiveRecord#becomes

With ActiveRecord#becomes any model can become a different class instantly.

TIL: Heredocs pretty print strings

Some text editors understand heredoc and pretty print the string depending on...

TIL: Get rid of anonymous eval calls

While reviewing the changelog of Psych I stumbled upon a commit: “Get rid of ...

TIL: Git update-refs

ICYM: This allows you to update a stack of branches in one go.

TIL: http://strftime.net/

A nice tool for constructing your time formatting.

TIL: cleanup temp files in shell commands w/ `trap`

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